SJ 21/22 – The manual seed-drill for market gardening

PRECISION HAND-PUSHED SEED DRILLS Optimized effort and maximum quality

A really professional manual seed-drill!

The SJ seeder has been specially designed for the seeding needs of the market gardener. It has all the high quality features of a towed EBRA seeding machine - using its system of distribution based on a sloping aluminium plate. This is simple but accurate, versatile and sturdy. In the same way, the wheel configuration (front wheel perforated so as to prepare the seed-bed and smooth at the back for efficient rolling) as well as the very precise depth setting mechanism thanks to the hinged frame... make this a truly professional seed drill for market gardeners with small areas to seed!

An ideal weight

The EBRA SJ seed drill is neither too heavy - which makes it easy to push ; nor too light - which allows it to stay in-line even in the presence of some stones or clods of earth. In addition, it is one of the easiest to operate in its category thanks to its 2 large-diameter, wide wheels, which enables very easy handling. All these features makes it one of the marketgardeners’ favorites in its category.

A seed-drill designed for maximum comfort

We’ve looked after your work-comfort throughout the design of your SJ seeder:
- choice of aluminium for its lightness and toughness,
- special design to save weight,
- very slightly inclined handle, mounted on the front of the seeder, which very noticeably
- improves pushing efficiency,
- possibility of rolling the seeder without seeding thanks to the de-clutch feature on the SJ 22.
Market gardeners tell us: ‘it’s really easy to use!

A simple and efficient seeding principle

The seeding unit is comprised of a inclined aluminium distribution plate (see The Principle section) which is driven by the seed-drill’s front wheel. The driving is by means of a chain and a set of interchangeable sprockets, which gives 19 options for seed-spacing on the row, and seeding that is perfectly proportional to the drill’s forward motion. Whatever your walking speed, your sowing will always be equally accurate.

Easy to use

This is one of the main advantages that EBRA seed-drills are noted for - they’re easy to use!
- very fast change of seed-plate, without tools
- setting of the density in only a few minutes and without any tools
- very accurate setting of the depth via the hinged chassis system - without tools
- instant emptying drain-shutter
- de-clutch and furrow opener on the SJ 22

Technical specifications

Length : 140 cm - Width : 24 cm - Height : 45 cm - Weight : 22 Kg
Standard : 19 density-settings by set of interchangeable sprockets - depth setting by screw-in lever - instant emptying drain-shutter - 6 L aluminium hopper – adjustable, removable skimmers...
SJ 21 with marker (to mark the following row) and de-clutch (to move the seeder without spreading seeds)

Several options to meet your needs:

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