Simple and Functional
Thanks to its exclusive mechanical distribution
Legendary robustness
Models of the 50s still in operation ...
Ideal for multipurpose market gardening
Thanks to its easily interchangeable discs
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Will our seeders suit you ?

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Could our seeders correspond to your needs?

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How to choose your Ebra seeder ?

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Precision Seeders

An ancestral know-how

Anchored in history... EBRA has been serving farmers for more than two centuries. And since their launch in the 50's, EBRA seed drills remain faithful to the principle of inclined disc seeding, which made their reputation.

Legendary robustness

EBRA does not believe in programmed obsolescence ! That's why we still sell distributor discs and parts for seed drills manufactured in the 50's... Reliability that is so much appreciated by our customers !

But still evolving

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to meet our customers' expectations.

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Listening, service spirit and respect of the given word

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A 100% French manufacturer

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A proven solution for your seedings.

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Order your discs online

Because the discs are an essential element of the precision of your EBRA seeder, and to facilitate the update of your set of discs, you can order them online. But of course, our technical and commercial team remains at your disposal to guide you in the choice of your discs. You can contact us by phone or by mail for a personalized help.

Also visit our website

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